Les "papiers de Jérémie", ont été acquis par de l'université de Floride à Gainesville
il y a plus de 50 ans, c'est une collection de documents coloniaux français de la Région de la Grande Anse à Saint-Domingue.
Ces documents notariaux ont été organisés par notaires et puis chronologiquement.
ces documents incluent des contrats, de mariage, de derniers volontés, de testaments,
de ventes de terre et des esclaves, etc.
Quelques documents notariaux existent dans les papiers du greffe,
ainsi la première série devrait être examinée pour fournir les matériaux connexes et complémentaires.

1. Notary : Momal

1-2 Agreement by the sons of Mrs. Lescouflaire to pay her an annual pension of £1800.
1787 Aug. 16 1-3 Sale of a house and a piece of ground by Mr. Jean Baptiste Dauder (fisherman) to Mr. Jean Thomas Jeanne.
1787 Aug. 20 1-4 Sale of a plantation (100 quarreaux) by Mr. Malherbe to Mr. Jean F. Massicard.
1787 Aug. 22 1-5 Agreements made by the Lescouflaire brothers concerning the donation of land and property received from their mother.
1787 Aug. 31 1-6 Donation of two tracts of land and house in Jeremie by Mrs. Lescouflaire to her sons Nicolas, Francois and Antoine.
1787 Aug. 31 1-7 Deposit of a personal paper by Mrs. Suzanne Salle, widow of Mr. Jean Baptiste Lescouflaire.
1787 Aug. 31 1-8 Last will and testament of Miss Margeritte La Roche (called athasse), free mulatto.
1787 Sept. 3 1-9 Declaration by Francois Baucherat. Ratification of a sale of a plantation.
1787 Sept. 3 1-10 Letter of attorney by Marie Therese Sauvanelle (free mulatto), Barbe Gertrude Gouchard (widow of Mr. Viard)
and Francois Boucherat (free Quarteronne) to Mr. Jean Cadet Athasse.
1787 Sept. 4 1-11 Mr. Fondelin recovers possession of his plantation in order to sell it to Mr. J. C. Athasse, Marie Therese
Sauvanelle and Mrs. Boucherat. 1787 Sept. 10 1-12 Miss Elizabeth Ceseno gives a letter of attorney to Mr. Louis Gauthier.
1787 Sept. 11 1-13 Last will and testament of Mr. Pierre Siguret.
1787 Sept. 11 1-14 Sale of a portion (half) of land by Mr. Rene LeRay to Mr. LaMatte Courtois.
1787 Sept. 13 1-15 Sale of a plantation by Mr. Joseph Fondelin to Mr. Jean Cadet Atthasse.
1787 Sept. 14 1-16 Last will and testament of Mr. Nicolas Francois Papigny.
1787 Sept. 25 1-17 Agreement between Mr. Guillaume Ville and Mr. Joseph Amiguier. They, as partners, had leased a room from
Mr. Lesconflaire for one year. Mr. Amiguier offered to cede the room to Mr. Ville.
1787 Sept. 26 1-18 Recognizance of a debt of 54,450 lbs. By Mr. Jean Michel Aubert on behalf of Mr. Guiho.
1787 Sept. 28 1-19 Partnership contract between Mr. Antoine Pradel, and Mr. Baptiste Magne.
1787 Sept. 29 1-20 Mr. Jean Rene Guiho of Kaligaut, accepts Mr. Aubert as his debtor, allowing the debt of 54,450 lbs.
To be paid March 10,
1788 to Mr. Pierre Toyry. 1787 Sept. 29 1-21 Partnership agreement between Mr. Gay and Mr. Selvy.
1787 Nov. 7 1-22 Lease of a pavillon (belonging to the house of the leaser) to Mr. Selvy and Mr. Gay
by M. Jean Pierre Deselaux for a two year period.
1787 Nov. 7 1-23 Partnership agreement between Mr. Jean Durand and Mr. Jean Delbert.
1787 Nov. 8 1-24 Deposit of a personal paper by Mr. Gauthier. Receipt 2000 lbs.
1787 Nov. 11 1-25 Lease of land for one year by widow Angelot to the free Negress Serugier Cherriere.
1787 Nov. 19 1-26 Sale of a piece of land by Mr. Etienne Simon Page (through his special agent, S. Claude Astie) to Nathien Blanchereau.
1787 Nov. 19 1-27 Transaction between Mr. Aubert Castalin (as guardian of Dlle. Francoise Bourbon, his sister-in-law, widow of
Mr. Feuillet) and Mr. Francois Genny Ducheron (as husband of Dlle. Marie Francoise Bourbon, widow of Mr. Feuillet formerly).
Surrender of guardianship. Settling of accounts.
1787 Nov. 19 1-28 Marriage contract between Mr. Joseph Francois Vezien des Ombrages and Dlle. Marie Agathe Suzanne Reynaud.
1787 Nov. 21 1-29 Sale of 5 quarreaux of land by Mr. Louis Hanore Etienne Bouche to Mr. Jean Baptiste Saint Bal (free Mulatto).
1787 Nov. 24 1-30 Delivery of 9 heads of slaves by Mr. M. Pierre Gay to Mr. Aubert Castelin and Mr. Francois Gency Ducheron.
1787 Nov. 25 1-31 Contract between Raymond Lassue and S. Claude Astie. Agreement to buy coffee.
1787 Nov. 26 1-32 Building contract between Mr. Bernard Fourcand and Mr. Louis Tripoly and Mr. Jean Jacque Bancy.
1787 Nov. 27 1-33 Ratification of the sale of a house made for them by Mr. Fondelin,
Nov. 4, 1787 - Ratification submitted by Mrs. Francoise Attasse, wife of Francois Boucherat.
1787 Nov. 29 1-34 Receipt for 50,000 lbs by Miss Catherine Francoise Gian to Mr. Isaac Maron.
1787 Dec. 3 1-35 Transaction between Miss Marie Richeliew (widow of Mr. Michel Brumonny - first marriage
and Mr. Jean Baptiste Gob by her second marriage) and Mr. Jean Baptiste Brumondy (her son and unique heir of Mr. Michel Brumondy).
1787 Dec. 4 1-36 Bail by Mr. Fourcand for Mr. Cadet Hubert (his son-in-law) to Mr. Salamen, Capt. Of the ship "L'Alliance"
from Bordeaux - (360 lbs) and also to Mr. Manjoud, Captain of the ship "La Nacutte" from Marseilles - (1904 lbs).
1787 Dec. 7 1-37 Transaction between the Briant heirs, represented by Mr. Corbel, Mr. Boudain and Mr. Bernard Goux
(executor of the will).
1787 Dec. 12 1-38 Sale of half a piece of land by Mr. Bernard Goux to Mr. Martin Francois Bonnet (represented
by Mr. Pierre Jacques La Cate).
1787 Dec. 12 1-39 Lease of two billiard balls by Mr. G. Taubat to Mr. Devinque.
1787 Dec. 12 1-40 Lease by Mr. Pierre Toyry to Mr. Augustin De la Rue -- a three room house for a period of three years.
1787 Dec. 13 1-41 Lease by Mr. Antoine Metayer (called Dreux -- free mulatto) to J. Louis Herbert
and Jean Marquerito Antoine Rene Herbert of 50 quarreaux of land.
1787 Dec. 14 1-42 Sale of a plantation (100 quarreaux of land) by Mr. Seidre to Mr. Crispy for £6600.
1787 Dec. 31 1-43 Sale of seven heads of slaves by Mr. Pierre LeRoy to Mr. Jean Baptiste LeRoy.
1788 Jan. 1 1-44 Sale of a house and land situated in Jeremie by Mr. Felin Tury to Mr. Jean Baptiste Lypim.
1788 Feb. 15 1-45 Liberation of a mulatto slave named Catherine by Jacob de Puido.
1788 Feb. 15 1-46 Donation of a young negro boy named Monrose by Miss Miranda to Marie Louise Le Gendre, guardian of five children.
1788 April 24 1-47 Sale of a plantation (100 quarreaux) by Mr. Delpuh to Mr. Gravelat of L'Epine.
1788 April 30 1-47A Sale of land by Miss Elisabeth Fouquiere, widow of the late Mr. Schomberg, to Mr. Jean Pierre Bichy.
1788 April 30 1-48 Sale of two heads of slaves by Mr. Antoine Belisoly to Mr. Claude Astie.
1788 June 4 1-49 Inventory of the estate of the deceased Mr. Prein at the requisition of Mr. Charbon, guardian of the Prein children.
1788 June 23 1-50 Lease of a house for two years by Mr. Jean Mosvant to Mrs. Cecile Guiho, widow of the deceased Mr. Grimblot.
1788 July 29 1-51 Modification of will submitted by Mr. Jean Verger (88 years old) on
Oct. 31, 1788. 1788 Nov. 17 1-52 Sale of half of a house and land situated in Jeremie by Mr. Toussaint Mathieu to Mrs. Guiho,
widow of Mr. Jean Grimblot.
1789 Feb. 28 1-53 Marriage contract between Pierre Auguste LeGrand and Marie Francoise Avelaide Dessert.
1789 Feb. 23 1-53A Sale of a house by Mr. Quinton to Mr. Phique and Mr. Jean Guillaume de Moine.
1789 March 14 1-53B Filed in Jeremie
April 26, 1789. -- Substitution of procuration by Mr. Pierre Nicolleau, attorney for the heirs of the late
Mr. Grandveau (called Jean Roux). 1789 March 14 1-53C Marriage contract between Mr. Firmin Baudrau and Marie Adelaide Legras.
1789 March 14 1-54 Marriage contract between Mr. Antoine Desire (called Maho -- free mulatto)
and Charlotte Elizabeth Bernard St. Martin.
1789 April 21 1-55 Marriage Contract between Mr. Pierre Augustin De La Rue Miss Marie Jeanne Elisabeth Joachim Doncet.
1789 April 21 1-56 Exchange of land between Mr. Brail and Mr. Perrier.
1789 May 3 1-57 Sale of a plantation by Mr. Noel Azor and his wife to Mr. Etierine Lefebore. Private sale.
1789 May 3 1-58 Marriage contract between Mr. Clestin Jacques Betouyet (free mulatto) and Miss Pelagiu La Salina.
1789 May 5 1-59 Annulment of sale plantation by Widow Delavalette to Mr. Chapdu.
1789 May 11 1-60 Official report of the estimation made on the plantation of
Mr. Francoise Flore Mousier and Antoine Fraine at their request.
1789 June 8 1-61 Transaction on a lawsuit between Mr. Rougier and Mr. Hermilte (concerning possession of 48 quarreaux of land).
1789 June 19 1-62 Compromise between Mr. Rabie and Mr. Fraisse (concerning the sale of a house and land).
1789 June 29 1-63 Marriage contract between Mr. Francois La Foret (free mulatto) and Marie Claire Belime.
1789 Sept. 2 1-64 Sale of land by Mr. Testal to Mr. Pribout for about £26400.
1789 Sept. 6 1-65 Estimation (Inventory) of the plantation of Mr. De Guirand Chevalier Dufour
(at the requisition of Mr. Theophile Lambert de Quiraid Dufour).
1789 Dec. 11 1-66 Annulment of the bill of sale made by Mrs. (widow) Pauvert and Mr. Peter Caston.
1790 Jan. 21 1-67 Deposit of a private paper by Miss Angelique Martin Delebrun.
1790 Jan. 21 1-68 Marriage contract between Jean Santagruel (called Charwence -- free mulatto) and Mare Magndelaine Desbarris.
1790 Jan. 21 1-69 Sale of 120,000 lbs of coffee by Mr. Louis Charles to Mr. Verrciel Reytre.
1790 Jan. 24 1-70 Deposit of a letter received by J. Charles.
1790 Jan. 25 1-71 Deposit of a Private sale made by Mr. Jehamot de Reriguer.
1790 Jan. 25 1-72 Deposit of a personal paper by Mr. Penquer.
1790 Jan. 25 1-73 Lease of a Negress (Adelaide-Congo -- 17 years old) by Mr. Jean Baptiste Lafugi to Barbe Gertrude Gauchvalle
(widow Viard) free mulatto.
1790 Feb. 8 1-74 Settlement of accounts between Mr. Lafuge (executor of the will of M. T. Sauvanelle) and Jean Attasse.
1790 April 16 1-75 Lease of four slaves for a period of five years by Mr. Jean Labuge (executor of the will of Mr. T. Sauvanelle)
to Mr. Claude Astie.
1790 May 1 1-76 Receipt of £11,439, one sol, 10 denier by J. L. Bouche to Francois F. Perier.
1790 May 3 1-76A Letter of attorney by Mr. Jean Louis Bouche to Mr. Pierre Charbon.
1790 May 3 1-77 Transaction between Mr. Guillaum Cathelon and S. Antoine La Bastille.
1790 May 4 1-77A Sale of land by Mr. Arnoux Geoffroy to Mr. Joseph Hurry.
1790 May 5 1-78 Lease of a house by Mr. Antoine Bediaud Jause (?) (attorney of widow Rabon) to Mr. Francois Joisy(?).
1790 May 10 1-79 Official report of a visit to the plantation of Mr. Duel Chouguel made at the request of Mr. Jean Thomas, captain
of the ship "Leduc de Berry."
1790 May 15 1-80 Deposit of a paper by Mr. Jean Thomas and Mr. Etienne Hilaire Joubert concerning the (a) will.
1790 June 19 1-81 Sale of a concession (grant of land) by Mr. Celestin Chauveau (free mulatto) to Mr. Pierre Andre Robin (citizen).
1790 June 4 1-82 Sale of land (1/2 of tract of land) by Mr. Louis Michel Aubinau to Mr. Jean Martin Baun.
1790 June 19 1-83 Letter of attorney given by Mr. Baun and Mr. Aubineau to Mr. Bechet (general and special).
1790 June 21 1-84 Deposit of paper by Mr. Jean Pouthier.
1790 June 21 1-85 Sale of 4 slaves by Mr. Jean Ponthier to Mr. Joseph Creps (also lease of land in payment).
1790 June 22 1-86 Settlement between Mr. De la Baume and Mr. De Pauquin concerning the sale of a piece of land.
1790 June 23 1-87 Partnership agreement between Mr. Joseph Chabert and Mr. Olivier Cebron.
1790 June 2 1-88 Lease for 2 years of a house and 60 quarreaux of land made
by Mr. Jean Baptiste de St. Martin to Marie Francoise (LeRoy).
1790 June 26 1-89 Last will and testament of Mr. Glan Baptiste de St. Martin, Sr.
1790 June 26 1-89A Sale of land by Mr. Jean Baptiste de St. Martin to Mr. Daigrement.
1790 June 26 1-89B Settlement of accounts among the partnership of Mr. Bastide, Collet and the late Mr. Griolet.
1790 June 29 1-90 Partnership agreement between Mr. Gilln Bouguet and Jean Marie Madire.
1790 July 1 1-91 Lease of a small house of 6 quarreaux of land for 9 years to Mr. Gehard by Mr. Sauve.
1790 July 1 1-92 Sale of a piece of land by Mr. Charles Antoine Simon Petit to Francois Jacqy and Mr. Jean Aubert.
1790 July 3 1-93 Deposit of a paper by Mr. Jean Baptiste Gehand.
1790 July 7 1-94 Marriage contract between Mr. Jean Marie Madege (free mulatto) and Marie Brigiete
(free mulatto - illigitimate child of Mrs. Brigiete.
1790 July 13 1-95 Report (account) made by Mr. Lafuge, Sr., as executor of the will of the deceased
Marie Therese Sauvanelle (F.M.) gaurdian of the children.
1790 July 14 1-96 Settlement of the accounts by Mr. Lafuge, Sr., executor of the will of Marie Therese Sauvanelle.
1790 July 14 1-97 Contract between Millory (carpenter) and Mr. Francois Sali, to build several buildings.
1790 July 24 1-98 Marriage contract between Jean Baptiste Guillaume (called Guilobot) and Marie Magdelline.
1791 Feb. 19 1-99 Deposit of a paper telling of the sale of a Negro slave, Irabin by Mr. Guillaume Gary.
1791 April 6 1-100 Letter of attorney given by Mr. Nicholas Duboir (free mulatto) to Mr. Kersalic.
1791 Aug. 9 1-101 Deposit of a personal paper by Mr. Oliver.
1791 Nov. 14 1-102 Receipt for £5500 received by Mr. Defoue from Mr. Martin.
1792 Feb. 24 1-103 Sale of a house by Marie Suzanne Gertrude Betoujet (widow of Jean Pierre Soubal) from Mr. Francois Sayet.
1792 Feb. 24 1-104 Sale of a schooner by Mr. Guerin to Mr. Arnetin and Mr. Vigue.
1792 Feb. 24 1-105 Official report of the opening of a cloth market by Mr. Aresmundy.
1792 Mar. 8 1-106 Last will and testament of J. Caraux.
1792 Mar. 13 1-107 Last will and testament of Jean Baptiste Hubert Haiwe.
1792 Mar. 15 1-108 Codicil (addition to last will and testament) of Mr. Louis Jacques Dumois.
1792 Mar. 15 1-109 Transaction between Mr. Jean navarre, Sr., and Mr. Dominque de Vinque.
1792 Mar. 21 1-110 Lease of a house and land for one year by Mr. Layet, Jr., to Jean Aubert.
1792 Mar. 23 1-111 Settlement of accounts between Mr. Antoine Armand and Mrs. Antoine to Jean Louis Vigne.
1792 Mar. 26 1-112 Dissolution of partnership between Mr. Robin and Mr. Busserau and the sale of the business;
by the former to the latter.
1792 Mar. 28 1-113 Recognizance of debt.
1792 July 1-114 Letter of attorney given by Mr. Buchey to Mr. Rene Correau.
1792 July 1 1-115 Letter of attorney given by Mr. Buchey Sr. to Mr. Buchey, gen.
1792 July 1 1-116 Letter of attorney by Pierre Gabriel Paivert, to his uncle.
1792 July 1 1-117 Lease of plantation near Jeremie by Mr. Gabriel Louis Buchey, executor of the will of
Mr. Jean Louis Bouche, to Mr. Jean Francois Rochum.
1792 July 1 1-118 Letter of attorney to Mr. Farrouilh by Mr. Gabriel Louis Buchey.
1792 July 1 1-119 Letter of attorney to Mr. Jean Nicholas Buchey, Aine by Mr. Gabriel Louis Buchey, Jr.
1792 July 1 1-120 Letter of attorney by Mr. Laurent Prat.
1792 July 1 1-121 New agreement concerning the continuation of the partnership between Mr. Lege and Mr. Cornau.
1792 July 7 1-122 Lease of plantation for one year by Mr. Jacques Dupuy (attorney of Mr. Jean Baptiste Payas,
citizen of Bayanne) to Mr. Jean Aubert.
1792 July 15 1-123 Ratification of the sale of 50 quarreaux of land by Mrs. Marie Magdelaine Martin (wife of Mr. Ravaille)
to Mr. and Mrs. Bayard.
1792 July 22 1-124 Sale of a house and a piece of land by Mr. and Mrs. Sevre Ravaille to Mr. and Mrs. Forinat.
1792 July 22 1-125 Donation by Mrs. Anne Brieux and Mrs. Marie Jeanne Brieux of all their goods and property to
Mr. Julien Edward Brieux and Edward Le Grand.
1792 July 30 1-126 Division of land and slaves between Mr. Jean Batptiste Brieux, Mrs. Anne Brieux
and Mrs. Marie Jeanne Brieux (3 children majors of the deceased Jacques Brieux).
1792 July 30 1-127 Deposit of paper by Mr. Antoine Bideaud, concering the estate of the deceased
Mr. Francois Montrejaut of St. Papone (Castel - France).
1792 July 31 1-128 Lease of 4 heads of slaves by Mr. Bideaud to Mr. Elie Miranda for 3 years.
1792 July 31 1-129 Sale of a boat by Mr. Louis Douvilliere to Mr. Jean Bellinier.
1792 Sept. 10 1-130 Retrocession (when the assignee of heritable rights conveys his rights back to the cedent, it's called retrocession)
of 12 quarreaux of land by Miss Marie Magdelaine Thereze St. Agathe to Mr. Antoine Ceytried.
1792 Sept. 10 1-131 Lease of 4 heads of slaves for six months by Miss Marie Sophia Ponthier
(widow of Mr. LeGaff) to Mr. Maurice Callet.
1792 Sept. 13 1-132 Sale of a piece of land by Mr. Agartino Viale to Mr. Gabriel Buchy.
1792 Sept. 21 1-133 Delegation (the original debtor, in order to be liberated from his creditor, gives him a third person, wo becomes
obliged in his stead to the creditor) by Mr. Roujier to Mr. Layet.
1792 Oct. 7 1-134 Release of duties as attorney of the deceased Mr. Mathurine Cambray by Mr. Francois Cambray
to Me. Jean Baptiste Brard.
1793 Jan. 6 1-135 Sale of land and house by Mr. Alain Clerie and Brard to Mr. Collemont for £25000.
1793 Jan. 28 1-136 Sale of a house and land by Miss Geneireve Renaud and Mr. Domineque Devinque to Mr. Pierre le Roy
and Joseph de Soyres.
1793 Feb. 18 1-137 Revocation of letter of attorney given by Mrs. Genevieue Lycon, widow of Mr. Clement by her third marriage
to Mr. d' Kauterine.
1793 Feb. 21 1-138 Sale of 32 quarreaux of land by Suzanne Betouzet, widow of Jean Pierie Sanbat to Francoise, widow Thomas.
1794 Sept. 11 1-138A Subject not discernible.
1799 Nov. 9 1-139 Official report of a visit mad at the request of the commissioner to the house of a Mr. Longchamp
who had been wounded. 1821 Jan. 10

2. Notary: Richard :
2-1 Sale of plantation by Mr. Dadere to Mr. Jean Jacques Chevalier (free mulatto) situated in Abricots -- 32 squares of land
(half of a tract of land) the other section belonging to Mr. Durand and Widow le Morthiere. £14850.
1787 March 20 2-2 Bond by Mr. Silvain Porreste (carpenter) in favour of Mr. Hillow (failure to deliver 2,000 lbs of merchandise).
1789 Dec. 16 2-3 Deposit of a personal paper by Jean Baptiste Hugon, tailor of Jeremie (letter between himself
and Mr. Guillaume Cathelan).
1790 Feb. 4 2-4 Sale of 60 squares of land situated on the left bank of the large river of Jeremie by Jean Baptiste Gnatacap-
to Mr. Guillaum Cat.(?)-.
1790 March 12 2-5 Sale of a plantation and 200 squares of land by Mrs. Magdelaine Berquier, widow by her first marriage of
Mr. Prein presently the wife of Mr. Methon de la Masse (?) to Mr. Oliver Mareis.
1790 March 14 2-5.5 Sale of plantation by Mr. Claude Astier to Mr. Henri Gaye and Mr. Jean Adre Chapus.
1790 March 19 2-6 Sale of land by Mr. Goux and Oliver Toupletry to Charadus brothers. (1000 square ft?).
1790 May 18 2-7 Sale of land (80 squares) situated at the end of this annex(?) by Mr. Mareille to Mr. Terrapon.
1790 June 15 2-8 Sale of 49 squares of land situated at Plymouth by Mr. Raimondaine to Mr. Guillaime Raimon jeune for £3000.
1790 Sept. 4 2-9 Sale of plantation of 100 squares of land situated in Plymouth by Mr. Jean Baptiste Joseph Nautre to Mr. Laurent Berot.
1790 Sept. 11 2-10 Last will and testament of Mr. Simon Charpentier.
1790 Sept. 12 2-11 Donation of land by Mr. Joseph Charamel to Mr. Guillaume Bruguieres.
1790 Oct. 5 2-12 Sale of plantation situated in the caiemitte, the size of 79 squares of land by Mr. Charles de Pernot to Mr. Jean Terrasson.
1790 Oct. 19 2-13 Donation of 79 squares of land by Mr. Jean Terrasson to Mr. DePernon, in consideration of the friendship he holds
for this former officer in the regiment at Port-au-Prince.
1790 Oct. 21 2-14 Ratification of contract of sale by Mr. Lamothe Duthiers, former policeman of the king.
1791 Jan. 3 2-15 Letter of attorney from Jean B. A. Gouin to Mr. Ambroise Gouin.
1791 Jan. 5 2-16 Recognizance of debt (£1300) to Mr. Antoine Jaquet by Mr. Joseph Rey.
1791 Jan. 8 2-17 Building contract by Mr. Gerin Conard (represented by Mr. Corard) and Mr. Jean Godenet (contractor)
for building 60 ft. long and 43 ft. wide with two (corridors ?) with a closet at each end and a pavillion on top.
1791 Jan. 8 2-18 Recognizance of debt (£2000) by Mr. Joseph Rey to Mr. Antoine Jaquet for a negress - mortgage of his furniture.
1791 Jan. 8 2-19 Sale of property rights by Mr. Jaques Goux (heir of S. jaque Gugue Goux) to his brother Mr. Bernard Goux.
1791 Jan. 8 2-20 Deposit of a personal paper by George LeSept.
1791 Jan. 16 2-21 Sale of property rights by Mr. Bernard Goux (rep. Of heirs of Mr. Joque Goux
to Mr. Jean Baptiste Bardon du Billon for 20 squares of land planted with coffee).
1791 Feb. 4 2-21.5 Letter of attorney by Mr. Celestin Casenave to Mr. Laurent Berot.
1791 Feb. 13 2-22 Sale of plantation (50 squares of land, coffee, building, etc.) by Mr. Bernard Goux to Lady Francoise Colette
Tomenie (widow of Mr. Louis Lero: by her first marriage, of Mr.Guillon By Her second Marriage and presently wife
of Mr. Jean Baptiste Bardon).
1791 Feb. 28 2-23 Exchange of land between Pierre-Charle (called Achicutte) acting in behalf of his wife and Mr. Simon Julien
- (rocky flooded lowlands for fertile cotton lands).
1791 May 15 2-24 Naming Mr. Le chevzlier of Maquet as general and special procurator by Mr. Antoine Adrien Calome
on behalf of Mr. Antoine Adrier Peres, his maternal uncle who died about a years before, and his deceased father Jean Pierre Colomee.
1791 June 4 2-25 Deposit of personal paper by Mr. Louis Honnoral Dayron.
1791 June 5 2-26 Partnership contract between Mr. Jean Baptiste Bitmaire of la Roche (merchant) and Mr. Pierre Coladant, carpenter.
1791 June 5 2-27 Last will and testament of Mr. Pierre Glumet.
1791 June 5 2-28 Transfer of property rights by Mr. Bernard Goux (acting in behalf of the heirs of Mr. Jacque Goux)
to Mr. Jacque Goux (his brother).
1791 June 6 2-29 Declaration by Mr. Jean Feugas that in Oct. 1789, in Bourdeux, he has settled accounts with Mr. Camescasse
who had owed him £44,850, with which Mr. Feugas had bought half of a plantation near Cap Damme Marie, the totality
of which had belonged socially to Mr. Camescasse, upon examining it he discovered that it was unsuitable for his needs.
Therefore, in this paper Feugas is sueing Camescasse (and his partner Mr. Deyrem)
for the payment of the house. He names the lawyers to take charge of the suit.
1791 June 7 2-30 Marriage contract of Sir Jaque Goux (oldest son of the deceased Sir Jaque Goux and Mrie Durrieu)
and Mrs. Marie-Anne-Fbienne Sequin.
1791 June 7 2-31 Partnership agreement between Mr. Jean Baptiste del la Roche and Pierre Coladam.
1791 June 9 2-32 Dissolution of present partnership between Mr. Sattin Tinguel and Sir Jean Baptiste Viddemaire de la Roche.
1791 June 10 2-33 Sale of house (and all right) to Mr. Jean Galtier (merchant by Mr. Moissonie (tailor)).
1791 June 12 2-33.5 Sale of 40 squares of land by Mulas Lanauu (called lolo m.l.) to Marie Badee, widow of Toluit.
1791 June 16 2-34 Sale of 36 squares of land by Marie Badee, widow Tobie M.I., to lanau (called lolo m.l.).
1791 June 16 2-35 Sale of coffee plantation including large house and slaves by Mr. And Mrs.
Lacountourque to Mr. Gabriel Phoenix de la combe.
1791 June 21 2-36 Last will and testament of Sir Manuel (carpenter).
1791 July 2 2-37 Partnership agreement between Sir Jean Marie Joseph Denis and Sir Pierre Berot.
1791 July 3 2-38 Sale of a portion of a tract of land by Sir Pierre Coladant (carpenter) to Mr. Nicolas Chandron
(Sir Coladant held a provisionary title only).
1791 July 3 2-39 Sale of house by Sir Pierre Glumer (fisherman) to Sir Jean Baptiste Berthomee.
1791 July 4 2-40 Dissolution of partnership between Sir. Isaac Quichet and Sir Guillaume Verron.
1791 July 10 2-41 Sale of half a house by Mr. Jean Gathier to Mr. Marthin Sarrasin.
1791 July 13 2-42 Official report of a declaration by Michel Gabrel (free mulatto) M.I. (as shown on his passport)
saying that he arrived in Jeremie with an assortment of merchandise and a horse and a schooner belonging to Mr. Blandin -
when it came time to pay his passage of 24 days (3 of which were paid by bridle given to the captain) he asked for 1 day
to find the money, leaving his trunks of merchandise as security. The captain refused and therupon sold the fellow's horse.
1791 July 14 2-43 Donation by Mr. Joseph Bezumond to Marie-Ursale (illigitimate child of Marie Magdelaine - free mulatto),
gaurdian of Jean Baptiste, of a tract of land, 25 squares of land at Plymouth.
1791 July 18 2-44 Sale of a plantation in Plymouth (100 squares of land) by Mr. Joseph De Beaumont to Mr. Cartheleim Terras.
1791 July 18 2-45 Sale of 50 squares of land at Plymouth by Mr. Barthelem Ferras to Mr. Jean Lascabes.
1791 July 19 2-46 Sale of 25 squares of land by Mr. La Matthe du Thiers to Mr. Joseph Beaumond --
also partnership between Mr. Antoin la Matthe du Thiers and Mr. Jean Gimbal.
1791 July 20 2-47 Purchase of 225 squares of land at Plimouth by Mr. Antoine de la Mothe du Thiers (representing Mr. Fontin,
volunteer in the marine) with Mr. Jean Pierre Antoine Tournes.
1791 July 20 2-48 Sale of land (5 squares by Mr. Lamothe du Thiers) of 225 squares collectively by Mr. Lamothe
de Thiers and Jean Nogaret to Mr. Jean Baptiste Moly (surgeon).
1791 July 20 2-49 Upon the demand of Mr. Louis Chevalier by Mr. La Confourque, bearer of a deed for land sold
by the said Mr. Chevalier to Mr. Cafrieu and also the sale of half a plantation by Mr. Chevalier to Mr. Carrieu,
Mr. Carrieu with the consentment of Mr. Chevalier is placed in the possession of the plantation according
to the stipulations of the deed. (He is acknowledged as a tenant of the land he purchased).
1791 July 20 2-50 Bill of sale by La Confourque to Joseph Placide Larrieu and Jean Pogaret Laton, land of 25 squares in size.
1791 July 21 2-51 Deposit of a private paper of Mr. Joseph Baumond telling of the private sale of land.
1791 2-52 Private sale of 25 squares of land by Lefibere Vignon to his niece Miss Rose Gouin.
1791 July 22 2-53 Official report of appraisers who examine the land inherited by the 4 sons and daughters
of Mr. and Mrs. Olivier of Mon Taquere, in which they try to determine how the land can be divided equally.
1791 July 23 2-53.5 Deposit of a personal paper by Mr. Hypolite de Chardonnay -- official report.
1791 July 24 2-54 Last will and testament of Mr. Paulin Lalanne.
1791 July 26 2-55 Recognizance of debt by Mr. Joseph Rey to Mr. Lebled for the sum of £6900 in exchange for 3 negro slaves.
To be payable in one year. 1791 Aug. 6 2-56 Naming of his general and special procurator who is to handle all of his affairs in his absence
-- Mr. Philipe Henri Rossignal.
1791 Aug. 12 2-57 Sale of land in Savannes (30 squares land) by Philippe Henri Rossignal to Mr. Michel Olivier.
1791 Aug. 12 2-58 Official report on a runaway negro found on the schooner La Marquerite belonging to the house (company) of Commerce Reynard of St. Marc.
1791 Aug. 14 2-59 Naming of special procurator by Mr. Nicolas Lanau (called Lolo).
1791 Aug. 15 2-60 Sale of a plantation situated at Plimouth (of 50 squares of land) by Mr. Bertrand Dupons to Mr. Joseph Lafargue.
1791 Aug. 18 2-61 Naming of special procurator by Mr. Gabriel Phenix de la Combe, chevalier of the royal military order
of Saint Louis, former officer and vassel of his majesty the king.
1791 Aug. 20 2-62 Official report: Mr. Jean Antoine and companions had equipped a schooner named La Legire commanded by Mr. Joseph La Fourcade with 3 sailors that they had set sail for Jeremie but after passing the Big and Little Caiemette, were shipwrecked.
1791 Aug. 21 2-63 Sale of a new negro slave, origin unknown about 15 years old by Mr. Martin Sarrapin
to Mr. Pierre Martin (Martinon?) Parrapry.
1791 Aug. 21 2-64 Request by Mr. Martin Sarragin, merchant, to set up a bakery in the market town of Caiemitte and his submission
to all the regulations by the policy concerning bakeries.
1791 Aug. 29 2-65 Sale of 60 quarreaux of land by Jean Baptiste Ricard to Simon Julien.
1791 Aug. 31 2-66 Report concerning a runaway slave. Departed Aug. 25 -- Congo nationality, with the letter ML.G stamped
on one breast; Richard G.A. on the other with capital letters. He was purchased at the Cap.
1791 Aug. 31 2-67 Report made by Mr. Pierre Laplace, sailor by profession on board the sailboat the Josephine Mouillee in port,
captained by Mr. Joseph Querin, owned by Mr. Brueil, on a runaway negro sailor named Louis, nationality Arada -- 22 years. Left
Sept. 2. 1791 Sept. 3 2-68 Naming of representative by Mr. Marc Yvonnet to visit the Cap in order to contradict the tentative
annulment of the bill of sale for a house and grounds in Jeremie made by Mr. Yvonnet to Mr. Saint-Martin.
1791 Sept. 3 2-69 Naming of special procurator by Mr. Marc Yvonnet, giving him full authority in dealing with Mr. St. Martin.
1791 Sept. 3 2-70 Mr. Barthelism Blanc, sailor by profession declares that he had lost a check for the sum of £2200 endorsed by
Mr. Morates and drawn on Magdelaine Mahan, free mulatto and requests that payment be stopped on it.
1791 Sept. 5 2-71 Naming of special procurator with complete power and control of his affaires during his absence,
by Mr. Marc Yvonnet.
1791 Sept. 13 2-72 Exchange of 2 horses between Mr. Jean Boira and Francois Leveque.
1791 Sept. 15 2-73 Partnership agreement between Mr. Jean Paul Bontineau and Mr. Francois Raimond.
1791 Oct. 1 2-74 Partnership agreement between Mr. Guillaume Raimond and Mr. Jean Lafourcade for the working of a plantation
situated in the district near Jeremie.
1791 Oct. 1 2-75 Statement by Mr. Jean Techere on behalf of Mr. Hitthon (designated in letter dated June 7, 1791)
who owns the property upon which Mr. Tichere lives, that a private road on the plantation had been opened provisionally for public
use after a disastrous event which afflicted the colony took place (revolution) so that transportation from one plantation
to another would be facilitated. However, he reserves to reclose the pathway when the crisis is past,
being under no obligation to the municipality.
1791 Oct. 2 2-76 Statement made by the four following men: Mr. Jean Lascahesaine, Mr. Francois Raymondaine,
Mr. Louis Goulard d'Ayron and Mr. Michel Rondineau (represented by Mr. Paul Bontinot) that Mr. Ayron
had bought 24 squares of land from Mr. Simon Gulien, Pierre Lachicatte and Marie Claire Beguin on behalf of all four men
who desired to use it as a "bonded-warehouse" for their mountain plantations. Provisions are made to reimburse
Mr. Ayron and to equitably divide the land.
1791 Oct. 3 2-77 Official report made by Jacque Sarde, navigator by profession, stating that about 18 months before
he had found a doug-out canoe (piroque) on one fo the inlets of the Caiemettes which he had brought to Jeremie, because
he became ill upon arrival, he could not make his declaration, and then two months later he learned that it belonged
to Mr. Billard Chambelland, whom he directly informed, that he had lost possession of this "piroque"
but one similar belongs to Mr. Baptiste L'Epine. Mr. Jacque Sarde is then given the authority to reclaim the canoe.
1791 Oct. 20 2-78 Last will and testament of Mr. Nache, surgeon at St. Louis.
1791 Dec. 26 2-79 Last will and testament of Mr. Dominique Salabert.
1792 March 21 2-80 Deposit of personal paper by Mr. Andre (Le) Vandeuren. Receipt of £5000 paid by Mr. Rossignol
to Mr. Vandeuren for his services in managing the plantation, Laquitoniere, for each year.
1792 May 2 2-81 Naming of special procurator by Mr. Julien Girondineau, manager of the affairs of the deceased by
Mr. Pierre Rambeaud who finds it necessary to return to France.
1792 Oct. 29 2-82 Official report by the notary on the inventory of the estate of the deceased Mr. Goget of Plimouth.
1792 Nov. 3 2-83 Official report of the notaries who had visited the land of the younger Raimond brother, of which land was
being unofficially occupied by a "squatter" called Mr. Monbee.
1792 Nov. 4 2-85 Partnership agreement between Mr. Jacque Pierre LaClotte and George le Sept. (management of plantation).
1793 Jan. 30 2-86 Naming of Etienne Moreau, notary, as procurator of the estate for the deceased Mr. Pierre Raimbaud.
1793 Jan. 5 2-87 Deposit of last will and testament written in the testator's (Mr. Antoine Dernoux) own hand by Mr. Jean Lassalle.
1793 April 1 2-88 Sale of 8 squares of land for £4000 by Mr. Dominique Gonique to Mr. Toinete Ledoux -- free negress.
1793 April 4 2-89 Partnership agreement modification Mr. Jean Fagalde and Louis Dhuard (saying that each has free power
to negotiate if necessary in the other's absence).
1793 April 4 2-90 Report of the loss of a money order cancelling payment of said order.
1793 April 7 2-91 Mr. G. Phenix Delacombe, former lieutenant of the vassels of the state belonging
to the Knights of the Order of St. Louis, who having two young children in France to be educated, for whom it is difficult
to supply all the demands of their schooling because of calamities in St. Dominique and the exterior wars,
he cannot neglect to mention (request) the pension that is due him by the state for his former services.
Mr. de St. Victour is named as a lawyer to secure this money.
1793 April 11 2-92 Partnership agreement between Mr. Etienne Catherins Lefebure and Mr. Paul Jean Gril Pelletier.
1793 April 19 2-93 Donation of 10 squares of land to Marie Francoise by her parents Mr. and Mrs. Jean Pierre Lauriol.
1793 April 24 2-94 Statement by Mr. Marc Antoine Lalanne who declares that his health forces him to go to New England
to recuperate that he does not have time to go through the formalities of publishing his departure, saying that the longer he stays
the nearer death comes, that he presents himself to the municipality in order to obtain one month's leave --
but the municipality is in doubt concerning his letter from the doctor, cannot give him leave because of his creditors.
Therefore, he collects several men to stand bail for him and leaves all his goods in mortgage for their protection.
1793 May 22 2-95 Sale of house of 3 bedrooms by Mr. Richard (notary) to Jean Marie Meggi and the transfer of all rights from
Mr. Meggi to Mr. Labarriere.
1793 May 28 2-96 Deposit of last will and testament of the deceased Mr. Andre Leduc (written by Leduc himself)
by Mr. Bernard Goux.

1793 June 25 2-97 Freeing of slaves who were faithful during the insurrection, by Mr. Bernard Goux.
1793 July 1 2-98 Naming of special procurator by Mr. Louis Thomas Hubert and Guillaume Thomas Hubert (brothers).
The special procurator being Catherine Nicole Charles (colored citizen).
She will have complete authority concerning their affairs during their absence.
1793 July 4 2-99 Partnership agreement (complete equality of possessions) by Mr. Louis Thomas Hubert
and Mr. Guillaume Thomas Hubert.
1793 July 4 2-100 Loss of money order by Mr. Jean Baptiste Billard, in charge of the affairs
of the Blandin Brothers He requests its annullment and an issue of another.
1793 July 5 2-101 Freeing of slaves by Mr. Joseph Beaumond who had saved his life during the insurrection.
1793 July 12 2-102 Last will and testament of Mr. Pierre Saintis (colored citizen).
1793 July 12 2-104 Deposit of baptism certificate by Saint Martin, illegitimate son of Elizabeth the widow of Antoine.
1793 July 22 2-105 Sale of plantation 100 squares of land by Mr. Guillaume Cathelan to Mr. Joseph Cathelan, his brother.
1793 July 24 2-106 Naming of special procurator to manage all the affairs of Mr. Francoise Raimond Aine (elder).
1793 Aug. 8 2-107 Inventory of the possessions of heirs of Mr. Perigard.
1793 Aug. 29 2-108 Partnership agreement between Mr. Francois Raymond Aine (for deceased Mr. Guillaume Raymon)
and the Mr. Jean Vigne (for Mr. Jean la Fouriade).
1793 Aug. 10 2-109 Sale of half a boat (named L'Esperance -- Hope) by Mr. Jean Ducas, sailor by profession to Mr. Julien Luhace
and Mr. Jean Manuel.
1793 Aug. 14 2-110 Inventory for the possessions of the heirs of Mr. Perigard. (DUPLICATE of #107).
1793 Aug. 29 2-111 Report of a runaway negress by Mr. Guillaume Verron. She was named Emilie, of Congalese nationality,
about 20 years old, branded with G.A.
1794 Jan. 13 2-112 Declaration to the Comissaire of Marine by Mr. Charles Blandin, owner of ship that he owes Nicolas Doye,
sailor, £900 for wage. The latter had left the ship.
1794 Jan. 14 2-113 Partnership agreement between Mr. Jean Martin and Isaac Guichet.
1794 Jan. 19 2-113.5 Deposit of a declaration by Mr. Antoine Farguier telling of his situation after the burning
of the Cap by the Negro insurrectionists.
1793 July 20 2-114 Donation of plantation (100 squares of land with house and slaves) by Mr. Louis Marette and his wife to their
only living son, Mr. Jean Simeon Marette. Because they are growing old and feeble in bad times and have lost their elder son in the insurrection, they have placed all their affection on the remaining son whom they wish to prosper.
1794 Jan. 24 2-114.5 Deposit of a paper ratifying the liberation of Marie Elizabeth Eugenie by Mr. Louis Marette Pere (her former master).
1794 Jan. 25 2-115 Partnership agreement between Mr. Pierre Prevot and Mr. Jean Baptiste Simeon Marette.
1794 Jan. 26 2-116 Lease of a plantation by Mr. Julien Rambert Danville to Mr. Jean Pierre Bastide.
1794 Jan. 27 2-117 Lease of a plantation with house, several small buildings and slaves, by Mr. Louis Pasquiers,
administrator of the estate of the deceased Mr. Natche to Mr. Charles Natches with the stipulation that he would release
it as soon as one of the deceased heirs arrives from France.
1794 Feb. 1 2-118 Last will and testament of Mr. Adrien la Grove.
1794 Feb. 2 2-119 Last will and testament of Mr. Chevalier Bondeau (written in his own hand).
1794 Feb. 2 2-120 Sale of land by Lawrence Chaulme, free mulatto wishing to conform to the decision of June 9, 1790,
to Mr. Ambroise Billard and Mr. Louis Herbert.
1794 Feb. 3 2-121 Declaration by Mr. Francois Lampure telling of a loss of several important business papers in th burning
of the plantation of Mrs. Fausias (Plimouth) where he had been staying.
1794 Feb. 3 2-122 Last will and testament of Mr. Vincent Fessier.
1794 Feb. 18 2-123 Declaration by Mr. Jean Abulle Pastourel that on the morning of Feb. 22 Mr. Bernard Goux
had come to his plantation with Mr. Sauvion and 10 negroes armed with guns and machettee and took, illegally, nine of his cattle.
1794 Feb. 22 2-124 Parnership agreement between Mr. Monesia and Mr. Pierre Jerry Giuherri (in behalf of the deceased
Jerry Guiherry his brother).
1794 Feb. 23 2-125 Official report of notaries who at the requisition of Mr. Jean Solomon Zephirin Leguier
(on behalf of Mr. Jean Joseph Gras) visited the plantation of Mr. Gras in Plimouth.
1794 Feb. 25 2-125.5 Transfer of land titles between Mr. Rey and Mr. Martin and MR. Boudereau.
1794 Feb. 28 2-126 Freeing of slave, Marie Rose, congonese of 35 years old - who was faithful and courageous
during the insurrection by Mr. Jean Louis Bouvely.
1794 Mar. 4 2-127 Illegible. Only notes readable: extract from March 16, 1795.
1794 Mar. 9 2-128 Declaration by Mr. Centoine Larqiven stating that several of his papers were lost when his boat "le Plimouth"
was destroyed at the Cap.
1794 Mar. 16 2-129 Sale of half a house by Mr. Raimond Latipie (surgeon) to Mr. Samuel Isaac Guichet.
1794 Mar. 24 2-130 Inventory of the estate of the deceased Mr. Cassannet.
1794 Mar. 30 2-131 Sale of half a boat called the "Adelaide Golete" by Mr. Pierre Pepin to Mr. Christophe Toin.
1794 May 1 2-132 Official report of the sale of all possessions inherited by Mr. Jean Celestin la Fabrie from the deceased Jean La Vigne.
1794 May 3 2-133 Lease (rent) of room by Eugene Mahan to Mr. Bireh.
1794 May 11 2-134 Report by Mr. Raymond Daingirard, captain of a boat named "La Francoise",
docked in St. Marc of the transportation of 41 slaves (many of whom became illegal).
1794 May 20 2-135 Lease of a house with 3 bedrooms by Laurence Chaulme (free mulatto) to Mr. Cir (tax collector).
1794 May 20 2-136 Last will and testament of Mr. Gratien Berrouet.
1794 May 21 2-137 Sale of a piece of land 90 square feet by Mr. Toussaint Sainda to Mr. Isaac Quichet.
1794 June 1 2-138 Partnership agreement between Mr. Michel Muzard and Mr. Jean Merlet.
1794 June 1 2-139 Sale of a house with 3 bedrooms about 40 feet long by Mr. Jean Marie Meggi to Mr. Etienne Labarriere.
1794 June 2 2-140 Sale of half a piece of land by Mr. Ambroise Billard to Mr. Louis Hubert.
1794 June 7 2-141 Partnership agreement between Mr. Francois DeLort and Mr. Michel Murard.
1794 June 16 2-142 Association between Mr. Jean Ferrie and Mr. Francois Querin - Mr. Ferrie because he has lost all his family
in St. Dominque wishes to somehow adopt Mr. Querin
- therefore he donates one quarter of his revenues from the plantation to Querin.
1794 June 17 2-143 (none).
1794 June 24 2-144 Final release from mortgage of Mr. Gratien Berrouet to Mr. Arnaud Etchard (£9000).
1794 July 3 2-145 Last will and testament of Mr. Pierre Monesca.
1794 July 5 2-146 Last will and testament of Mr. Pierre Monesca. *(duplicate of #145).
1794 July 5 2-147 Sale of house and piece of land by Mr. Jean Godenee to Mr. Louis Honnorat Dyron.
1794 July 11 2-148 Declaration by MR. Francois Huberdeau (carpenter) about a runaway slave named Francois.
1794 July 12 2-149 Relinquishment of all rights on a building at the foot of the fort by Pierre Sando to Mr. Antoine Romain.
1794 July 15 2-150 Procuration invested in Mr. Dumois and Anvay in the name of Mr. Le Maigre (negotiating in Philidelphia)
by Mr. Joseph Bunet concerning several money orders.
1794 July 16 2-151 Sale of house by Mr Jean Zebedee (called Jean Verillon), free negro, to Mr. Martin Sarragin.
1794 July 18 2-152 Transaction between Mr. Vassau and Mr. Fie, Guardian of the child Cerulle
and in possession of the Perigard plantation.
1794 July 2-153 Sale of a tract of land and materials by Mr. Quichet to Mr. Mathurin Caye.
1794 July 21 2-154 Sale by auction of a canoe to Mr. Martin Sarragin, by Mr. Lalouberc, curator for the estate of Francois Birantot.
1794 July 21 2-155 Marriage contract between Mr. Mabilais and Miss Gertrude Monie.
1794 July 25 2-156 Official report of visit to the house of Mr. Lavou de Porcher because of his last will and testament
(that he was not able to make).
1794 July 31 2-157 Municipal taxes - Mr. Louis Culley - free mulatto - owes for 6 slaves the total amount of £414.
1794 Aug. 19 2-158 Donation by Mr. Martin Sarragin to Henriette Fabre (free mulatto) of £6600
to be used toward buying a house and furnishings.
1794 Sept. 7 2-159 Cancellation of the powers that Mr. Pierre Le Roux had given (granted) to his wife Sept. 12, 1794
concerning the administration of the plantation.

1794 Nov. 6 2-160 Mrs. Anne Marie Guy Menard, widow Warlock freed from her marriage under the authority of Mr. Ferrier,
procurator of the Cap.
1794 Nov. 15 2-161 Inventory of the estate of the deceased Mr. Delort.
1794 Nov. 18 2-162 Official report by Mr. Richard concerning 3 heads of slaves belonging to Mr. Billard Chambellan
(who was seized by Brigands).
1794 Nov. 18 2-163 Inventory of the plantation of the deceased Perigord -
everything had been burned and destroyed by the insurgents.
1794 Nov. 19 2-164 Inventory of the estate of the deceased Mr. Monesca.
1794 Nov. 20 2-165 Inventory of the estate of the deceased Mr. Pierre Leglise.
1794 Nov. 20 2-166 Sale of a plantation (100 squares of land) by Mr. Pierre Bourmeaud to Mr. Jean Savon.
1794 Nov. 24 2-167 Mr. Jean Cartand declares that he was returning to Jeremie on the boat "La Finne" when it was attacked
by a privateer. He embarked in a small canoe with 4 negro sailors and money of the proprietor of the boat - Mr. Recard, but he was
obliged to leave his trunk which contained a money check for £2996 and other papers. For these papers, he makes an official declaration.
1794 Nov. 27 2-168 Mr. Martin Sarrazin states that he accepted a money order signed by Mr. Rossignol of Belle Anse for £20450, 8 sols, for half of an inn.
1794 Nov. 27 2-169 Last will and testament of Mr. Soule de Baladieu. 1794 Dec. 6 2-170 Last will and testimony of Mr. Charles le Grand.
1794 Dec. 13 2-171 Inventory of the house of Mr. Rousseau in order to settle the dispute between Rousseau and Mr. Laffite.
1794 Dec. 18 2-172 Sale of land rights by Mr. Jean Guerin to Mr. Antoin Romain.
1794 Dec. 20 2-173 Lease of seven slaves to Jean Dayenard by Mr. Jaque Fie.
1794 Dec. 23 2-174 Naming of special procurator by Mr. Boutinat Desrivaux that procurator being Jean Francois Boutinat Desrivaux,
his eldest son to which gives the power to administer his affairs.
1794 Dec. 29 2-175 Declaration by Jaque Bayew that a certificate verifying a grant of land made to him by Mr. Gaudaire
, had been burned at the Cap.
1794 Dec. 30 2-177 Deposit of contract by Mr. Louis Ayseguer for a business transaction between Mr. Rossignol and himself.
1795 2-178 Sale of a plantation of 97 squares of land by Mr. Jean Pierre Bastide acting as special procurator
for Mr. Jean Baptiste Bardon du Billon to Mr. Francois Zavier Garnier.
1795 March 5 2-179 Sale of a boat for £1650 by Mr. Antoine Leonard (sailor) acting in the name of Leonard Ricard
to Mr. Jean Ma______ and Simon Dubois.
1795 April 2 2-180 Statement by Mr. Louis Rossignol de Belle Anse and Mr. Francois Andre that Mr. LaFond Carrien had signed a
money order to Mr. Rossignol for the sum of £4300 that he in turn had delivered to Mrs. Desmarests. The trouble in the colony
had retarded payment and LaFond had gone bankrupt. Mr. Rossignol, living on the continent at the time was sought out
by Mr. Gardel who had married Mrs. Desmarests and who demanded and who demanded payment. However, the check had been
burned at the Cap.
1795 April 5 2-181 Sale of a slave named Zabeth, Nago nationality, branded with the letters D.L. about 25 years old
by Mr. Dominique Legout (free mulatto) to Elizabeth Griffith (free mulatto).
1795 April 6 2-182 Naming of special procurator (Mr. Bernard Goux) by Mr. Francois Andre, executor of the will of the decease Mr. Denys.
1795 April 18 2-183 Statement by Mr. Jean Baptiste Pezzi, that he had lost all his papers at LeCap:
He registers them at Jeremie (by memory).
1795 April 8 2-184 Last will and testament of Naron Allallia (free negress).
1795 April 10 2-185 Mr. Francois Andre had named Mr. Roux as his special procurator to handle all of his affairs during his absences.
The said Mr. Roux had sold some coffee to Mr. Louis Pacauth, a merchant in Baltimore via Mr. Antoine Larguier,
a merchant of colonial commodities. Mr. Roux had not told Mr. Larquier if he was selling for himself or on behalf of someone else.
The bill of sale remained in the hands of Mr. Larquier and Mr. Allegre (captain of Pascauth's boat) Mr. Roux left St. Dominique for
the continent where he soon died. Now, Mr. Adre is claiming payment for his coffee.

1795 April 10 2-186 Official report by Mr. Pierre Laplace, navigator. He had been in command of an armed vessel guarding the coast
of Jeremie for the King of England, protector of the colony against slaves in revolt, under orders from Mr. Duperrier, colonel of the forces
That he, Mr. Laplace, became ill and could not continue in his command and the authority was given to the second.
On the morning of April 17 the boat had disappeared.
1795 April 18 2-187 Mr. Louis Francois Dassilva declares that he held a check on the parish of Cayemittes for £238; 17 sols
and 6 deniers that the Mr. Martin Moire had accepted the 29 of March,
1793 from Mr. Ponilhai for a freight payment. Mr. Martin in turn gave it to Mr. Dassilva and properly registered it.
1795 April 22 2-188 Registering of a paper telling of a sale of a house and grounds to Louis Callet, free negro by Mr. Dayron.
1795 April 24 2-189 Transfer of rights of the inheritance of the late Pierre LaFond by Mr. Antoine Ceytrud and Mr. Martin Sarrazin.
1795 April 25 2-190 Naming of special procurator by Mr. Etienne Labarriere -- This procurator, Mr. Rey and Mr. Larguier have the power
to administer all affairs of his business.
1795 April 26 2-191 Lease of half of a house by Mr. Bernard Laffitte to the widow Meurier.
1795 April 28 2-192 Official report of the loss of a boat and cargo by Mr. Jean Solomon Feguier. May 1, several barges and gunboats
publicly seized several boats, notably the Marie captained by Antoin Naudin charged with a cargo of coffee.
1795 May 2 2-193 Sale of a house by Mr. Jean Varignon and Michel Francois Rouvan, contractors, to Mr. Jaques Bayeux.
1795 May 11 2-193.5 Ordonnance form Mr. Massot, chevalier of the royal order of St. Louis.
1795 May 13 2-194 Declaration by Mr. Bernard Goux for his brother Jaque Goux on the death of a negress Henriette.
1795 May 15 2-195 Declaration by Mr. Bernard Goux, executor of the will of the deceased Marc Malley, that June 6, 1793, that the heir
who has since gone to the continent was at the store when a pirateer (English) stole 3000 lbs of coffee.
1795 May 15 2-196 Sale of a cottage by Mr. Jaque Japin to Mr. Isaac Quichet.
1795 May 18 2-197 Insert for paper number 198.
1795 May 24 2-198 Mr. Jean Lascabes aine, (in the name of Mr. Pierre Laurgeubie) and Mr. Francois Raimond jeune for his brother
Francois Raimond aine declare that they have not yet paid their share of money to Mr. Dayron for some land they had bought collectively
and the transfer of their property rights entirely to Mr. Dayron.
1795 May 24 2-199 Lease of two Negroes by Mr. Antoine Deternoz to Mr. Martin Sarrazin.
1795 May 27 2-200 Mr. Pierre Gilquarin, captain of a boat named Betsi declares that May 4,
1794, he sailed from St. Marc to Jeremie with a large quantity of passengers, fleeing the fires and massacres of the insurrection.
He made the crossing in three days with such passengers as Mrs. Gobert, Mrs. Worlock, and Mr. Silvie, Armagnae and others.
1795 May 27 2-201 Receipt of 15 portugoises or £990 by Mr. Jean Pierre Jorreguiberry from Mr. Guerin, executor of the will of Monesia.
1795 June 1 2-202 Last will and testament of Marie Marthe Renaud (formerly known as Martonne), free since May 24,
1760, by Mr. Destains and Mayons uncertain of the day of her death because of the absence of her husband who for some time has
been away, for reasons of the island's troubles.
1795 June 1 2-203 Naming of special procurator by the Widow Rebulet Duplessis to Mr. Julien Lambert Donville, with the authority
of selling several slaves.
1795 June 2 2-204 Lease of a house by Mr. Pierre Rousseau to Mr. Jean Savon.
1795 June 3 2-204.5 Declaration by Mr. Andre Gibert and Mr. Alexandre Sevene that they know the family of the deceased
Mr. Gregoire Portaler and that Mr. Boissier former notary at Le Cap is his close relative and the only one living in St. Dominique.
1795 June 15 2-205 Naming Mr. Laurent Guerin as a special procurator by Mrs. Marie Dumas for the purpose of selling a house
and grounds.
1795 June 16 2-206 Inventory of estates of the deceased Mr. Dalon.
1795 June 21 2-207 Inventory of the estate of the deceased Louis Duverger.
1795 June 21 2-208 Declaration of loss of all official papers by Mr. Jean Baptiste de Rom during the most recent attack on the camp.
1795 June 26 2-209 Lease of a negro named Nicholas by Mr. Jean Etienne Brocard on behalf of Ursule Claire (called Caseau)
to Mr. Simon Charpentier.
1795 Sept. 27 2-210 Lease of 30 squares of land by Richard to Mr. la Confourgue for £6000.
1795 June 28 2-211 Mr. Jean Nagaret on behalf of his Uncle presently in Jamaica, is sold 29 squares of land for £15000 by
Mr. la Confourgue.
1795 June 29 2-212 Changing lawyers (executor of his will by Mr. Jean la Conture. He chooses Mr. Michel Maurin pere, in place
of Louis Pasquier. And also asks Mr. Maurin to free his Negro, Somnedi, in order to recompense him for faithful service.
1795 June 29 2-213 Sale of plantation at Plimouth by Mr. de Belle Anse to Mr. and Mrs. Preval.
1795 June 30 2-214 Receipt of £40,166 by Mr. Pierre Pepin to Mr. le Chevalier Rossignol.
1795 Sept. 19 2-215 Inventory of the estate of Mr. Bardou of Billon (deceased).
1795 Oct. 5 2-216 Building Contract between Mr. Rah Brumeaud, propietor of the house and Mr. Jean Baptiste Dupre, carpenter.
1796 Jan. 2 2-217 Transfer of rights by Mr. Martin Sarrazin (acting as tenant of Pierre la Fond) to Mr. Mathurin Guillaud.
1796 Jan. 6 2-218 Naming Mr. Francois Rey as Special procurator by Mr. Antoine Ricard.
1796 Jan. 6 2-219 Sale of a schooner L'Hirondelle by Mr. Martin Sarrazin to Mr. Francois Artiques.
1796 Jan. 8 2-220 Sale of half of the Hirondelle schooner by Mr. Francois Artiques to Mr. Martin Sarrazin.
1796 Jan. 8 2-221 Dissolution of the partnership between Mr. Biret and Mr. Jean Jouet.
1796 Jan. 8 2-222 Lease of a house Mr. Jean Baptiste Ferdut Orfevre by Mr. Antoine Romain.
1796 Jan. 22 2-223 Deposit of a personal paper by Mr. Jean Baptiste Meunier.
1796 Jan. 26 2-224 Report of two runaway slaves by Mr. Jean Scot, keeper of these slaves in waiting for them to be claimed
by the heirs of the deceased Mr. Dominique Darlas.
1796 Feb. 5 2-225 Transfer of property rights by Mr. Benjamin Desroities to Mr. Munsford.
1796 April 16 2-226 Report of runaway slaves who joined the renegades by Mr. Chevalier Claude Louis Rossignol, acting in behalf
of his brother Louis Rossignol.
1796 April 16 2-227 Deposit of paper by Mr. Pascal Raoul, acting in the name of Jean Savon (receipt of money).
1796 April 22 2-228 Official report: Mr. Jean Baptiste Condonneau, transit sailor in Jeremie was attacked by two Republican barges.
He himself was able to escape but he lost everything else including two slaves whose bill of sale he now deposits.
1796 April 25 2-229 Seizure of possession of negroes and animals belonging to Mr. Casse, absentee citizen, at the request
of Olivier de L'Epinay.
1796 April 25 2-230 Last will and testament of Mr. Louis Pasquier.
1796 May 21 2-231 Inventory of the estate of Mr. Charles Blandin (deceased).
1796 July 1 2-232 Deposit of last will and testament written by Mr. Francois Rey himself.
1796 July 2 2-233 no description available. 1796 July 5 2-234 Sale of a house by Mr. Pierre Ballas to Marie Magdelaine Mahau.
1796 July 5 2-235 Naming of special procuration by Mrs. Rene Francoise Gabrielle Eugenie de Guitton (widow of Molet)
to administer her plantation at Plimouth.
1796 July 7 2-236 Declaration by Mr. Jean Savon Raoul, representing Mr. Gras.
1796 July 9 2-237 Vebal sale of a house by Laurence Chaulme, mulatto free, to Mr. Jean Nogaret.
1796 July 11 2-238 Last will and testament of Mr. Sauvion.
1796 July 15 2-239 Mr. Laurent Beret in the name of widow Sigoigne reports that a slave La Fortune was assassinated by a hoard
of renegades.
1796 July 16 2-240 Annulment of partnership between Mr. Pierre Pepin and Charles Leboureau.
1796 July 25 2-240.5 Portion of the last will and testament of the deceased Pierre Paul Rossignol Dulagon.
1796 July 25 2-241 Deposit of paper telling of the sale of three heads of slaves by Jean Baptiste Duperrier on behalf of Saintiesse,
a free mulatto.
1796 July 28 2-242 Marriage contract between Mr. Michel Mabilais Mabilais and one of the daughters (minor) of the deceased Mr.
Mrs. Monnie.
1796 July 30 2-243 Part of a contract between Mr. Brumeaude and Mr. Dupre concerning the construction of several buildings.
Mr. Dupre (contractor).
1796 Sept. 25 2-244 Sale of a house by Mr. Bernard Goux to Mr. Simon Coste.
1796 Nov. 22 2-245 Official report deposited by Mr. Jeanne Ursule Filbeau, executor of the will of Mr. Adrien La Grove
(paper partly destroyed).
1796 Nov. 24 2-246 Naming of special and general procurator (Mr. Jean Baptiste Condouneau) by Mr. Ursule Filbeau,
executor of the will of La Grove.
1796 Nov. 24 2-246.5 Deposit of personal paper testifying to the state of a plantation at the post after an insurrection;
much had been burned, destroyed and abandoned.
1796 Nov. 24 2-247 Sale of schooner named L'Hirondelle by Mr. Francois Artiques to Mr. Martin Sarrazin.
1796 Nov. 27 2-248 Settling of the accounts between Mr. Pierre Ballas and Mr. Louis Berot (or Laurent -- his father)
a partnership which had been formed Aug. 12,
1795. 1797 Jan. 11 2-249 Inventory of the estate of the deceased Mr. Ducreaux, for his heir Mr. Claude Ducreaux.
1797 Jan. 27 2-250 Sale of a plantation by Mr. Guillaume Chatellier to Mr. Dominique.
1797 Feb. 9 2-251 Canceling of the contract between Mr. Gratien Berrouel and Michel Arleguy.
1797 Feb. 13 2-252 Sale of a house by Mr. Gulien Lambert Donville to Mr. Martin Sarrazin.
1797 Feb. 18 2-253 Sale of a house by Mr. Louis Hubert to Mr. Etienne Lefebvre de la Paquerie.
1797 March 1 2-254 Sale of a house recently acquired from Mr. Louis Hubert by Mr. Etienne Lefebvre to William Smith.
1797 March 2 2-255 Letter to Mr. Richard from Mr. Lagnis. (Transfer of title of land to Mr. Guillard).
1797 March 7 2-256 Deposit of a paper recording the sale of a negress by Mr. Guerin to Mr. Paul Francais Fie.
1797 March 28 2-256.5 Freeing of the slave, Marie Elizabeth Eugenie, aobut 20 years old, creole, by Mr. Louis Marette.
1797 April 30 2-257 Declaration by Mr. Pierre Forcade about a runaway slave, Lubin (after the insurrection).
1797 July 1 2-258 Sale of 80 mules by Mr. Pierre Rousseau to Mr. Louis Rossignol de Belle Anse for £90,000.
1797 July 25 2-259 Deposit of private papers recording the liberty granted to a negress, Fany and her child, and another negress
named Marie Louise and her two children by Mr. Francois Dujand.
1797 Aug. 6 2-260 Settling of accounts between Mrs. Louise Alexandre, widow of Mr. Miehl Fardieu and her present husband,
Mr. Benjamin DesRoches.
1797 Aug. 15 2-261 Last will and testament of Marie Jeanne Ursule Filbeau.
1797 Aug. 21 2-262 Sale of a negro slave named Constance (Congonese) by Dame Louise Alexandre Guesse, wife of Mr. Benjamin
DesRoches to Mr. Pierre Bourg for £6,600.
1797 Oct. 1 2-263 Official report by Mr. Bernard Laffitte, captain of the schooner name La Ressource. He was attacked
by an enemy barge at dawn Oct. 13 near St. Marc.
1797 Nov. 10 2-264 Execution of contract made between Mr. Martin Sarrazin and Mr. Francois Raimand Aine at Philadelphia in which
Mr. Raimand sold a plantation (house, land, negroes, animals) to Mr. Sarrazin.
1797 Nov. 16 2-265 Official report. Mr. LeFranc was named trustee by the estate of the deceased Mr. Pochet. However, no one is able
to verify the fact that Mr. Pochet had left any possessions in Jeremie when he left for Port-au-Prince, shortly before his death.
1797 Nov. 24 2-266 Inventory of the estate of Mr. Marion as requested by Mr. Soules, purchase of the unclaimed inheritance
of Mr. Marion.
1797 Nov. 24 2-267 Suzanne Lomenie, free mulatto, acting in her own name and on behalf of her three illegitimate children,
gives Mr. Paul Lajus the powers of attorney for all her affairs.
1797 Dec. 8 2-268 Suspension of loan by Mr. Hypolite, chevalier de Chardonnay to Mr. Jean-Baptiste Jerome Grand-du Threuil (£55713).
1798 Jan. 29 2-269 Last will and testament of Mr. Jean Ferrie.
1798 Feb. 5 2-270 Cancelling the act of sale made Jan. 20,
1798 by Mr. DuPlessis Mornai and Mr. Etienne Dinet concerning a boat Deux Amis for 200 portugaises.
1798 Feb. 9 2-270.5 Sale of all rights received by Mr. Gabriel Olivier de L'Epine, through the inheritance of Mr. Olivier Toupleteri,
to Mr. Pierre Forcade.
1798 Feb. 9 2-271 Deposit of a personal paper by Mr. Jean Baptiste Condonneau concerning the sale of a tract of land and a negress.
1798 Feb. 12 2-272 Register (deposit) by Gabriel Phoenix of a general receipt signed by Mr. Dautry, executor of the will of the deceased
Mr. La Confourque, for a deed to a plantation in Plimouth which had been sold to Mr. Gabriel Phoenix.
1798 Feb. 13 2-272.5 Bail for Mr. Pierre Perrier by Mr. Cassannet.
1798 Feb. 13 2-273 Inventory of the estate of the deceased Mr. Pierre LeRoux at the request of Mr.
Denis Marchand, principal guardian of the LeRoux children.

1798 Feb. 13 2-274 Official report. Mr. LeFranc, trustee of the unclaimed inheritance of Mr. Tardyl, claims what little may be left
of the estate. He requests an inventory but weather prevents Richard, the notary, from travelling.
1798 Feb. 13 2-275 Sale of all property rights to the plantation called Mr. Acaya by Mr. Augustin Marie Bascher de Terie
to Mr. Pierre Perrier.
1798 Feb. 15 2-276 Mr. Marc Barnech grants the power of attorney to Mr. Larrouye to manage all his affairs with Mr. Dirichetti,
his associate in running a plantation situated in Plimouth.
1798 Feb. 19 2-276.5 Deposit of private bill of sale.
1798 Feb. 19 2-277 Mr. Denis Marchan grants Richard the power of attorney on behalf of the minor children
of the deceased Mr. LeRoux
1798 Feb. 21 2-278 Mr. Dominique Lajus, together with Mr. Rivaud and Defays, leased a plantation at Plimouth in 1796 from
Mr. Lamatthe des Thiers. In 1797 his two associates withdrew leaving Mr. Lajus as the sole tenant. Because of the state of the colony,
he asks for a reduction in the lease (with inventory of plantation).
1798 July 3 2-279 Deposit of personal paper. Sale of property by Mr. Pierre Justin to Arnaud Rouille, free negro.
1798 July 4 2-280 Inventory of the estate of the deceased Mr. Rogagnon (tenant on the plantation Lambert) as requested by
Mr. LeFranc. 1798 July 9 2-281 Inventory of the estate of the deceased Mr. Beaumard as requested by Mr. Jean Fretetaud, executor
of the will. 1798 July 9 2-282 Report of 3 run-away slaves by Mr. Silvain Biret. A. Negro man, Jagne, Congonese. B. Negress --
Arsenee, branded Biret, Congonese. C. Negro man -- Silvain, Congonese. They stole a boat from Mr. Dassilva.
1798 July 11 2-282.5 Protest made by Mr. Helie Largetan concerning a runaway negro,
Bazile (whome he believes to have been stolen). 1798 July 12 2-283 Breaking of a lease to a plantation owned by Mr. Mollay, Pere
(and leased to Mr. Francoise Mollay, fils aine (eldest son).
1798 July 14 2-284 Last will and testament of Mr. Etchard, carpenter.
1798 July 18 2-284.5 Registration of all titles, papers, and documents belonging to the Martin Sarrazin estate by Mr. Pierre Forcade,
having administered the commercial affairs of Sarrazin.
1798 July 19 2-285 Deposit of personal paper by Mr. Louis Honnorat Goutard Dayron. (Signed by Mr. Berat who promises
to deliver twenty five mules to Mr. Dayron).
1798 July 21 2-286 Last will and testament of Mr. Arnaud Etchard.
1798 July 23 2-287 Lease of a house by Marie Elizabeth Mahau (free mulatto) to Mr. Paul Lajaus.
1798 July 24 2-287.5 Segment of document concerning the settlement of the Sarrazin estate.
1798 July 27 2-289 Dissolution of the partnership between Mr. Pierre Balas, Charles Henri Larrouje and Jean Phelipon, Jr.
1798 Sept. 15 2-290 Naming the widow Lambert as principal guardian and Mr. Laurent Helie (maternal uncle) as deputy guardian
of the child, Benjamin Julien Lambert.
1798 Sept. 23 2-291 Inventory of the estate of the deceased Mr. Lambert, as requested by his widow.
1798 Sept. 26 2-291A Inventory of Lambert estate.
1798 Sept. 28 2-291B Letter of attorney by Mr. Amable-Pierre Mahau to Eugenie Mahau, his sister.
1800 Dec. 15 2-292 Donation of 1/3 of a plantation by Mr. Antoine Page to Josephine Page, his only daughter by his first marriage
(having lost his first wife he remarried Victoire Acor).
1800 Dec. 16 2-292A Segment of a paper to Eugenie Mahau.
1800 Dec. 25 2-292B Deposit of private papers.
1801 Jan. 22 2-293 Inventory of the estate of the deceased Jean Couleau Miramon. µ
1801 May 8 2-294 Last will and testament of Eugenine Mahau.
1801 May 8 2-295 Auction of the perishable effects of the deceased Jacques Champy by the officer Hubert placed in charge
of the management of his estate.
1801 May 18 2-296 Declaration made in virtue of the attempts to settle the estate of Dayron. Declaration made by Antoine Larquier
in which he states that he remembers a letter the deceased Mr. Dayron had shown him which designated
that the deceased had a commerce with Hambourg.
1801 May 26 2-297 Sale of half a plantation by Georges le Sept to Mr. Darfou and Mr. Laroche, executors of the will of the deceased
Mr. Raclotte.
1802 March 17 2-298 Inventory of the possessions left by the deceased Mr. Juinel, as requested by Mr. Villette in charge of the
unclaimed inheritance of Mr. Juinel. 1802 March 17 2-298A Inventory of the estate of the late Mr. Terrasson.
1802 April 18 2-299 Sale of a plantation by Mr. Thomas Hubert to Jaque Blandin.
1802 June 21 2-299A Deposit of bill of sale and receipts by Mr. Thomas Hubert.
1802 June 21 2-300 Jean Bayeux, sailor, reports the loss of certain important papers.
1802 Aug. 16 2-300.5 Inventory of the estate of the late Mr. Toussain Jeudy.
1802 Sept. 13 2-301 Transfer of rights on the lease of a plantation by Mr. Jean de Mattian to Mr. Louis Rossignol of Belle-Anse.
1803 Mar. 1 2-302 Inventory of the estate of the deceased Mr. Dayron.
Not dated 2-303 Part of official report of a revolt.
Not dated 2-304 Partial inventory of the estate of Mr. Nimelette, and his declaration concerning a revolt at Le Cap.
Not dated 2-305 Partial document concerning the estate inherited by the minor, M